Yagull – Films Album Review

There is something so satisfying when you find just the perfect music for just the right moment.

This sunny Sunday morning that perfect aural pleasure is Films by Yagull. The group, the project of composer/guitarist Sasha Markovic blends beautiful acoustic instrumentation with forward thinking arrangements and playing.

Don’t let the acoustic tag impact your mindset on this either, for there is as much power in these grooves as a Marshall stack on 11, it’s just more cerebral and only slightly less physical. There is also a superb use of space that allows the listeners to add their own moments of reflection.

As the album’s title denotes there is a cinematic feel to the proceedings that gives it a distinct story arc. This even includes an interesting middle reel with the reimagining of Cream’s White Room and Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath that show what a disservice musician do to a song when recreating a mirror image of the original.

The sun is out, the coffee is strong and the music wafting out of the house onto the deck is striking just the right tone and life is good. Perfection indeed.

Rob Hudson