The Mathematics of Longing Theatre Review

Even with the power of the theatre, it’s quite the ask to equate human emotions like desire, grief, lust and euphoria to mathematic equations. Math, with it’s own unbending logic and beauty in precision runs counter to our ragged and imprecise human emotions.

The Mathematics of Longing tackles this conundrum head on with the kind of flourish that round out a multi-media rampage as only live theatre can. Lights and motion and sound sometimes coming at you from multiple sources all at once.

The cacophony of five voices battling for your attention and that one loan power chord to argument the truth. There are many equations that equal results that charge the mind with as much force as some of our baser instincts charge the body.



File it under what the @#$% and find a place for it in the recesses in your mind. It only makes literal sense, if you experience it with all your senses.

The Mathematics of Longing is playing at La Boîte Theatre – Brisbane from 2-23 June 2018. Visit for more information and tickets.

Rob Hudson