Ready or Not Movie Review

Black comedies don’t come any blacker than Ready Or Not. It’s dark, vicious, mean and oh so funny. If most new brides have one or two legitimate complaints about the new in-laws, then Grace (Samara Weaving) could write an entire book.

Little did she know the kind of family she was marrying into but she soon finds out on her wedding night. Observing a long held family tradition, they force her to play a game of hid and seek but this one comes with lethal consequences.



What makes the film so much fun is that Grace even with being scared out of her mind never loses her wise cracking sense of humour. She also doesn’t change into a retribution killing machine and spoil all the incremental fun. The suspense lingers and when she finally blows her cork, it’s quite the detonation.

In a nod to the anger towards the class system that exists between the rich and over privileged and the common man or woman in this case, it’s good fun to see the over monetised get their comeuppance. This happens with explosive effect. See this with the one you love as long as they are not your in-laws.

Rob Hudson