L’Appartement Theatre Review

This comic work by writer and now director Joanna Murray-Smith has real depth. It’s basically a fish out of water tale that unfolds its many layers in a most amusing way. At times, laugh out loud funny and then often introspectively amusing.

The fish this time are Aussie couple, Rooster (Andrew Buchanan) and Meg (Liz Buchanan) and the pond is the city of love, Paris. They sublet a fancy Parisian apartment from a sophisticated French couple, Serge (Pacharo Mzembe) and Lea (Melanie Zanetti).



Once their vacation begins, the cracks in their relationship begin to appear. They have unresolved differences and are having to contend with a new addition to the family, the arrival of twin daughters, one with special needs. One night after a Meg has had a few too many she lets Rooster have it with a large number of unvarnished opinions.

The play is filled with real truths and the easy going structure allows those to dovetail nicely with the ample comic moments. L’Appartement will make you laugh and think in equal parts.

L’Appartement is currently playing at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC until August 31.

Rob Hudson