Gran Turismo Movie Review

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as a realistic film about motor racing, even the granddaddy of them all Gran Prix released all the way back in 1966 took great liberties with artistic licence. So with that in mind, how does Gran Turismo fare?

Accurate it is certainly not but it does provide a fun blast of racing histrionics amid a feel-good story of overcoming great obstacles to realise your dreams. Don’t be misled by the fact it is based on a true story and base your level of enjoyment on its sense of realism. This is pure fantasy stuff.



The real racing driver in question is Brit Jann Mardenborough who beat 90,000 other entrants in the GT Academy competition. He had no real racing experience but instead came from the world of racing sim video games. He is played in the film by Archie Madekwe (See and Midsommar). David Harbour and Orlando Bloom also have major roles.

South African director Neill Blomkamp continues his adept handling of unusual subject matter and keeps the focus on the human side of the story while minimising the technical aspects of the racing world. He also borrows from Gran Prix director John Frankenheimer’s innovative use of quick cuts, splitting screens and car-mounted cameras. It’s a heartfelt homage and adds substantially to the entertainment value.
Rob Hudson