German Film Festival – Styx Movie Review

What starts as an epic single person journey turn into a transformative experience when Rike (Susanne Wolff) who sets sail by herself to the small island of Ascension in the Atlantic. The first third of the film details how strong and competent a sailer and person Rike is by detailing her attention to detail and unflappable nature. She endures a life threatening storm with some ease as she is very well prepared.

During her journey she encounters a ship that starts out as an enigma. She can plainly see the craft but is unable to make radio contact. Upon closer inspection she discovers it is a broken down trawler filled with what appears to be refugees. In a radio call to the Coast Guard, they ask her a series of questions she cannot answer while appearing to care little about the trawler or its occupants, even warning her to stay away. She decides she must do something to help.

There is morality at play here with how the West places value on people from poorer countries and also the stark contrast between those in power and the powerless. Rike, a trained paramedic helps a young boy who swims to her small boat but collapses from the effort. She leaves the stricken trawler behind as she nurses the boy back to health but does not leave the scene.



As the impending tragedy evolves, the film provides no easy answers. This is not a Hollywood take on things where the good guy comes in at the last minute and saves the day. There are consequences in any course of action and it’s up to you the audience to decide your own take of the outcome.

Styx plays Monday June 3 at Palace Barracks.
Rob Hudson

Presented by Palace, the German Film Festival’s national program features 29 Australian premieres and a festival line-up that includes box office hits and award-winning dramas straight from this year’s Berlinale, the festival is a fantastic celebration of German culture and filmmaking. Including productions from neighbouring Austria and Switzerland, the festival showcases the creativity and diversity of the region. From thrillers and historical productions to feel-good comedies, this year’s films will amuse, inspire and entertain.

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German Film Festival 2019
Sydney: 21 May – 9 June 2019, Palace Norton St and Chauvel Cinema
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