From Darkness Theatre Review

Raw and visceral, From Darkness captures a family trying to crawl back into the light from underneath the long shadows cast by a horrific family tragedy. To lose one so young has reduced the surviving family members to their most basic emotions.

Anger and fear have created a divide that becomes filled with selfish outbursts and recriminating discourse. The love that exists is challenged and through the white noise of profanity and unchecked rage, beacons of light begin to burst through.

This emerging flame of illumination emits from the spiritual centre that all humans possess but one that is slowly extinguished by a separation of one’s spiritual self. In this case it takes the distraction free focus of the young to empower the elders and provide the reconnection.


Many families live in a state of conflict. Sometimes that energy blasts the elements into broken shards but then there are times when the heat provides the warmth for those same elements to melt back together again.

PRESTON – Benjin Maza
ABIGAIL – Lisa Maza
NANNA LOU – Roxanne McDonald
AKIRA – Ebony McGuire
ERIC – Colin Smith

From Darkness is currently playing at La Boite until September 28, head to their website for more information and to purchase tickets –
Rob Hudson