Cinderella Theatre Review

Reimagining a heroine for a newer generation, QPAC’s Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella presents the lady with the glass slippers as more assertive and principled. It’s a welcome change from the dated tale of a woman that needs validation from a man to be happy.

The large cast cranks up the energy and the dance moves are impressive as are the lighting quick costume changes, it’s magic indeed. Production wise there are some problems, at times the amplified voices are too loud and shrill and the little ones will need to put their fingers in their ears to prevent damage,

It’s easy to get lost in a story so familiar and just admire the craft. The stage design and costumes are impressive as well as the choreography and vocal arrangements (even with the overwrought volume). There is also a welcome inclusion of humourous moments and visual gags.



Introducing a younger audience to the joys of the theatre is never an easy task as theirs is a world of sensory overload. Tweaking a well-known tale to give it modern relevance and presenting it with the expansive dynamics that live theatre can present gives Cinderella a good chance to break through.

Cinderella is currently playing at Lyric Theatre, QPAC until Saturday 3rd September 2022!
Rob Hudson