Breaking Habits Movie Review

This fascinating documentary examines the life of an extraordinary woman and America’s love/hate relationship with marijuana. The film’s main subject, Sister Kate is a true American badass and her life story reads like a wild bout of pure fantasy. From corporate powerhouse to medicinal cannabis cultivator, her life is amazing.

She endured hardships that would have left most people broken. She was married to a man for seventeen years who stole over a million dollars from her and then turned out to be a polygamist. She was kicked out of the house she shared with her brother and children because of his criminal activity and even spent time being homeless.



Throughout these ordeals however, she remained strong. As inspirational as her story is, the tale of the community she calls home is very sad. Her town of residence is Merced, one of California’s poorest communities and it’s this poverty that helped inform her ideas on the virtues of medicinal marijuana. Ideas that could help dramatically with employment and health benefits were it not for the conservative element of the town.

The doco presents her battles with the status quo and the positive and negative views on marijuana from various talking heads. It must be mentioned however that the anti-weed advocates are presented here as very out of touch. It is also interesting to note that as more and more states in America in dire need of tax income legalise recreational marijuana, it shows that the monetary gain from that move now easily outweighs the moralistic view of the drug’s supposedly harmful effect.

Rob Hudson