Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life Movie Review

Who doesn’t love a tale about a boy and his dog, especially if the dog in question in a giant white fur ball called Belle? Add three of Belle’s fluffy pups into the mix and you’re really tugging on the heart strings.

Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life brings the conclusion to the trilogy of films and has all the ingredients for a classic family yarn. Good guys and girls, a despicable bad guy, unconditional love, a struggle to overcome and ultimately a victory and bittersweet happy ending.



Set in the high mountains of the French Alps, life for young Sebastian is idilic after the dramas on the first two films. That is until his father and newly married step-mother let slip of their plans to move from their small village to Canada.

This film will be a worthwhile experience for young viewers as the sub titles, though challenging highlight what a rich sounding language French is and the appeal of simple country life is also well presented. The canine actors keep the tricks to a minimum so their roles are quite enjoyable, clever but not too cute.

Rob Hudson