After Movie Review

Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin – yes that’s his real name) is such a catch. He’s dark, brooding, sullen and has anger issues. Just the stuff college dreams are made of. Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) is the innocent blonde who has lived a somewhat sheltered life. Of course they meet and ultimately get together.

What passes as young romance for the film’s intended audience sends out some questionable messages but Hardin is after all super dreamy. Oh and I might have forgotten to mention he speaks with a smooth British accent. He also read books and drives a cool car.



There are numerous moments in the storyline that mirror one’s own experiences of early romances but only for those with a very over developed sense of revisionist reality. No one was actually that smooth as a freshman.

There are films with humour at the core of their misguidedness and it’s always fun to decide if it was intentional or not. After is just such a film. It’s almost entertaining in its flagrant over simplification of first time love.

Rob Hudson