Holey Moley Golf Club to open in the Wintergarden

Attention Brisbane City: prepare for fun on a whole new level as Holey Moley Golf Club opens in the Wintergarden.

Brisbane’s favourite leisure-tainment experience in the brilliant Holey Moley Golf Club is to open in the Wintergarden in the heart of the city next month.

Yep, you heard correctly: on November 29 Holey Moley Golf Club will open in the Wintergarden, bringing it’s cocktail bar meets mini-golf course, retro party and social commentary locale slash all-out cool vibe to the city, guaranteeing to satisfy even the most competitive individual, especially those with a thirst for crazy cocktails and off-the-wall bites. Created by the brains at Funlab, the city venue is set revolutionise the concept of fun in the CBD.

Holey Moley Wintergarden will feature nine hilariously preposterous mini golf holes including:

  • True Blue Green, a tribute to Aussie legend, Steve Irwin
  • Vincent Van Golf, putt through a replica of Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom
  • A Hop, Skip and A Gump, a Forrest Gump theme, complete with shrimp and a box of chocolates
  • Drop It Like It’s Slot, a wacky slot machine
  • Ferris Wheeler’s Day Off, a delightful day at the funfair with a helter-skelter, ferris wheel, popcorn and prizes
  • Makin’ it Rain, try to take a shot in a room full of flying cash!
  • Hole 9 & ¾, Harry Potter themed – can magic help you get a hole in one?
  • Gone Fishin’, a double-level hole featuring the ocean and all its mysteries including a huge, ferocious shark, and Kong Live the King, try to avoid the giant primate atop the Empire State Building!

This level of intense fun requires powerful sustenance so Holey Moley Wintergarden will have on offer Stone Baked Pizzas and Hotdogs, their legendary burgers the Holey Cheezus (beef patty, cheddar, pickles, bacon, lettuce, oozy gooey cheese sauce, ketchup, aoli and tomato) and The Dirty Birdie (southern fried chicken, lettuce, bacon, slaw, guacamole and chilli mayo), along with a new share selection featuring five types of potatoes (classic fries, loaded holey fries, waffle fries, tater tots and sweet potato fries) plus chicken wings and even mac & cheese bites! Of course, there’s a range of delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.


The drinks list is set to take city-siders on a true flavour trip, and includes the famous quirky and classicsAustin Sours, Gopher Gold, The Sugar Caddy, Espresso Partini and the fantastic Duck Duck Joose, which is served in a little bath tub with yellow rubber ducks floating in it (we are not even joking). There’s a huge range of wines, beers, spirits and mocktails as well.

So, if you are one of those who still has no idea what to do for this year’s work Christmas party (seriously, Coles has been selling Christmas puddings for 8 months already!) all your problems are solved with Holey Moley Wintergarden! But you seriously have to make GROUP BOOKINGS NOW or suffer the very worst kind of FOMO.

Keep calm and play on.

Holey Moley Wintergarden – OPENING NOVEMBER 29
Level 1 Wintergarden, Queen Street Mall,