Primal Scream Touring Australia February 2018!

Acid house hedonists, indie rock ‘n rollers; PRIMAL SCREAM are a band who have built a 30 year career on the art of reinvention and they are bringing their incendiary live show back to Australia, more powerful and engaged than ever.

Bobby Gillespie is the consummate rock & roll star. Willowy, wispy and radiating swagger, he struts around the stage, mic in hand like the genetically-engineered love child of Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. H



is presence and ability to throw himself into a tune – spinning, sweating, hair plastered over his face, accompanied by trademark hand claps – still thrills crowds and propels PRIMAL SCREAM into a league of their own.

Primal Scream Touring Australia
February 15 – Metropolis, FREMANTLE
February 16 – HQ, ADELAIDE
February 18 – Forum, MELBOURNE
February 20 – Enmore Theatre, SYDNEY
February 21 – The Tivoli, BRISBANE