Curators In Space: Shift at JWCOCA

View the exhibition resulting from Flying Arts’s Curators in Space program. This exhibition features the works of Duke Albada, Chris Bennie, Joachim Froese, Sharmila Nezovic and Jude Roberts.

The exhibition has been curated by the 2016 Curators in Space participants -Zoe Blandford, Gillian Jones, Jo Kaspari and Emma McLean.



Shift is an investigation into the continuity of change. For millennia humankind has witnessed change within natural and man-made environments, within the global community and, perhaps imperceptibly, within the individual. Simultaneously both reliable and unpredictable, the only constant on which we can be certain is humanity’s capacity to adapt.

In a world where metamorphosis is commonplace, change can be thrilling and can also inspire dread.  Only time is able to dictate which way we will shift.

Curators In Space: Shift
Friday 9 December 2016 to Friday 20 January 2017
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts