From Trash to Flash –
Bespunk Exhibition
Dr Spunk, the alter ego of leading designer, Alexander Lotersztain, has descended upon artisan to present Bespunk, an exhibition of curbside furniture metamorphosed into designer pieces with attitude!

The limited edition Bespunk collection takes upcycling to a new level. Lotersztain’s second self, Dr Spunk, applies a polyurea elastomer to the surface of almost any existing object to create a sleek, black finish, transforming trash to flash.

The inspiration for Bespunk came to the Argentinean—born, Brisbane—based designer when he first arrived in Australia ten years ago and was astonished by the wastefulness of usable furniture abandoned during curbside cleanups. “I couldn’t believe all this fantastic furniture people discarded on the side of the road!” says Lotersztain, “Over 40% of landfill in Australia is furniture, some with only minimal wear, or discarded because it is out of fashion.” Lotersztain put the throwaways to good use and furnished his home with them, but the idea of giving new life to abandoned furniture stayed in his mind.

Since then, Lotersztain tried numerous methods to repurpose forsaken furniture to keep it out of landfill. “I even covered pieces in gaffer tape,” he says.

In 2010 he discovered the perfect material to fulfill his vision: polyurea elastomer. “It is basically a sprayable rubber paint. Very stable, scratch—resistant, durable,” says Lotersztain. This unique approach to upcycling extends the life of throwaway furniture through added durability, keeping it out of landfill and in your home for longer.

Bespunk–ing an old object with this new black rubber skin also gives a passé piece a little attitude. A musty Deer head becomes a sleek ebony trophy; a plastic garden chair transforms into an inky, satin armchair; Victorian figurines morph into lustrous, obsidian waifs. This desirable collection has a sexy mystique sure to make you re–think tossing that worn sofa.

Artisan CEO Liana Heath said “For all the sophistication of Alexander Lotersztain’s work, there is always an element of fun, and Dr Spunk’s Bespunk is no exception. We are thrilled to be presenting a gorgeous collection that is a fresh and innovative take on upcycling”

From Trash to Flash – Bespunk Exhibition
Dates:  09/02/12–21/03/12
Official Site:

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