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Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life brings the conclusion to the trilogy of films and has all the ingredients for a classic family yarn. Good guys and girls, a despicable bad guy, unconditional love, a struggle to overcome and ultimately a ...
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Wold Press Photo Exhibition 2018 at Brisbane Powerhouse

The annual exhibition profiles the world’s top press photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers who captured an event or issue of great journalistic importance in the last year. The 2018 Photo Contest drew entries from around the world: 4,548 photographers from 125 countries submitted 73,044 images. The jury gave prizes in eight categories to 42 photographers from 22 countries: Australia, Venezuela, USA, Serbia, UK, ...
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July 11, 2018

Introducing the artists of the 2018 Australian Festival of Chamber Music!

The lineup of international artists making their AUSTRALIAN DEBUT at this year’s Australian Festival of Chamber Music (AFCM) is nothing short of extraordinary…. celebrated Chinese musician and master Sheng player Wu Tong, Argentina’s acclaimed bandoneon player and composer JP Jofre, two Norwegian superstars in viola- player Lars Anders Tomter and trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth, pianist Katya Apekisheva from the UK, and the famed violinist Pavel Fischer from the Czech Republic. And that’s just the Australian debutants! Featuring six ...

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