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Fast forward to when both creatures are grown up and Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) and the man of steel (John Krasinski) share accommodations in a walk-up flat in the city of Metropolis. They fight crime and do most everything together until that ...
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The Cinema of Tibet is coming to GOMA this month!

While Tibet has often been the subject of many factual and fiction productions by filmmakers based outside of the region, it was not until the early 2000s that a local filmmaking culture gathered momentum. For a film producing region with a very young history, Tibet boasts a groundswell of contemporary practitioners emerging that are creating rich and accomplished films. The films in ‘The Cinema of Tibet’ are crafted both within the ...
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May 3, 2022

Nobody does it better: Skyfall returns to Brisbane this Month!

The runaway hit of Brisbane Festival 2021, The Little Red Company’s SKYFALL: The Music of James Bond has renewed its licence to thrill in a return season at QPAC’s Playhouse from 18 – 21 May 2022. Gorgeous gowns and sharp suits abound as a heart-stopping wall of sound and jaw-dropping special effects combine to pay homage to 007 exactly 60 years since first Bond film Dr No. was released in 1962. SKYFALL is sleeker than a high-speed luxury car chase and smoother than a vodka martini in a brand-new theatre experience starring ...

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