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Their captain (Robert Taylor), even after recognising the ship’s Nazi flag sees little hope without their assistance and orders his men, one woman, and a Russian soldier to board the ship. He does not survive the boarding. When the survivors ...
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Céline Sciamma: Portrait of a Lady on Fire retrospective

Sciamma received widespread critical acclaim for her coming-of-age trilogy (Water Lilies 2007, Tomboy 2011 and Girlhood 2014), and has been highly sought after as a scriptwriter. She was awarded the Best Screenplay and Queer Palm awards at the most recent Cannes Film Festival for her directorial feature Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2019.   //   This program brings together Sciamma’s evocative cinematic style and distinct ...
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February 23, 2020

Ben Folds The Symphonic Tour is coming to Brisbane this March!

Folds, widely regarded as one of the major music influencers of our time, is a renowned pop artist who has also composed critically acclaimed classical works of his own, travelling the globe performing with some of the world’s best orchestras for over a decade.   //   Over the years, Folds has created an enormous body of genre-bending music that includes pop albums with Ben Folds Five, multiple solo albums, and numerous collaborative records. His last album was a blend of pop songs and his “Concerto for Piano and ...

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