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The story is told in a non-linear way as we follow the rocky relationship of Diana (Zosia Mamet of Girls fame) and Ben (Matthew Shear). Their on and off and on again approach to dating is almost as frustrating as an almost complete void of ...
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BRISTOPIA Exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane

As Brisbane grows we reflect upon the elements of our city that nurture and connect us. BRISTOPIA invites you to contribute your voice to this conversation by exploring the values you hold in relation to community, the environment and well-being.   //   Blending interactive technology with whimsical illustrations by Megan McKean, this playful installation places community at the heart of our city and seeks to inspire the ...
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May 13, 2018

Big Pineapple Music Festival 2018

Pineapple punters will be treated to an impressive collection of Australia talent for the 6th year of the festival. From masters of the moshpit and head-banging heroes, to chicks with picks and electronic music architects, Woombye, QLD will be set to blow come May. And just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger, BPMF are stoked to announce that they'll be expanding from four stages to five in 2018!   //   This year BPMF are changing up the way you arrive and depart from the festival. We want to make sure everyone gets ...

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