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Luke Evans (Dracula and F&F) imbues the character of Professor Marston with a nod towards intellectualism but tempers it with a bohemian and libertarian attitude that was never going to withstand the glare of investigation. His loss of being ...
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Picasso the Vollard Suite Exhibition at QAG

Picasso once said of the role of an artist, 'it's not what the artist does that counts, but what he is'. He identified himself, along with his own sense of artistic creativity and sexuality, with the mythical figure of the Minotaur. Nowhere is the link between the artist and 'the untamable beast', to use Picasso's words, more apparent than in the 'Vollard Suite'. In these prints the major emphasis was devoted to transformations of the ...
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December 6, 2017

Manchester Orchestra Touring Australia Early 2018!

A Black Mile to the Surface is a bold record of vision and purpose, inspired by and dwelling in a sensory and imaginative experience. It’s a reinvention of sorts, both musically and personally—a sort of cosmic worldview shift.   //   Catch the bombastic, cinematic and incandescent indie rockers live in February – expect most of the classics we all know and love as well as the new Manchester sound we’ve been searching for. Manchester Orchestra Touring Australia Early 2018! Melbourne - Friday 2 Feb '18 Sydney ...

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