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Michael Fassbender does double duty this time out and his android character poses most of the film’s questions on life and the meaning of. Non existentialists need not fear for those with less interest in large degrees of depth, there is still ...
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Van Gogh and the Seasons Exhibition at NGV

Van Gogh and the Seasons is presented within sections devoted to each of the four seasons. Viewers are invited to explore Van Gogh’s profound connection to nature through nearly 50 paintings and paintings, many of which depict places that were the setting for defining moments in the artist’s tumultuous life. Drawing extensively from Van Gogh’s personal letters and research into his interest in literature and nature, Van Gogh and the ...
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May 8, 2017

Paua Single Launch Gigs

“Roots Reggae Woman” explores the narrative of a beautiful and natural love in the style of roots-reggae/lovers rock. The single will be released on May 5th, a week prior to the gigs, through all online outlets. Residing in Brisbane, Australia, Paua includes Maori heritage hailing from Aotearoa (New Zealand) combined with a multicultural collective of musicians from Australia and Philippines. Although band members grew up in vastly different musical backgrounds, they came together for the mutual love of reggae music. Paua, pronoun...

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